Most people don’t get their start in oil & gas by working in the environmental industry, but Kari Ross isn’t most people. Mentored and molded by famed Bronco alum Paul Humphries, Kari made it her business to master anything and everything related to the fluid end of a mud pump. A year later, she visited her first Texas land rig, and never looked back. Over the past seven years, she’s helped chart new territory for Bronco by heading up the Houston Supply Division. Today, she juggles negotiations, profit margins, and troubleshooting as the head of Sales, Export Coordinating, and Purchasing. But don’t think because she’s in the energy industry that she’s left behind her love of the environment; Her biggest dream is to breathe in the beauty of as many National Parks as possible. Well—maybe her second biggest dream. Owning a Viper would be nice, too...


Customer Service





> Will take any excuse to get moving. Loves running, playing golf, going to concerts, and playing with her black lab-collie mix.


> Balances her business responsibilities while playing mom to Ty and Jordan, and while being a card-carrying member of the Michigan Wolverines’ die-hard fan club.


> Bronco is: “a great place to have a career because it feels like a home away from home.“