Rodney’s a man of few words, and it makes sense. He’s strapped for time, maybe a little impatient. After all, he’s got Bronco’s entire product line to oversee—everything from engineering to production, and all the parts the pop up in between. And when it comes to parts, Rodney knows them inside and out. Throughout his 30 years in the biz, he’s manufactured, fabricated, designed and drawn parts for Bronco and other companies. He even left his own family’s machine business to come make parts for Bronco. We’re pretty sure that means we’re doing something right.


Production & Engineering Manager





> Loves spending time with his family, especially dear old dad (who has since forgiven him for going rogue on the family business).


> Wants to see the world.


> Likes to go fast. Like 200-mph on the drag-racing track fast.


> When asked what makes Bronco great, he doesn’t hesitate for a second: “Personnel.”