He doesn’t love the Houston traffic, but he’s willing to slug through it for life at Bronco. As Warehouse and Logistics Manager, Cody spends a lot of time making the rounds, crossing Ts and dotting Is. Which makes sense, considering his co-workers call him the go-to guy. During busy times, you’ll find him heading into work early and staying late. But Cody doesn’t mind the responsibility. “I like to have my hands on everything. And,” he admits, “I kinda like the praise. It makes me work even harder.”


Warehouse and Logistics Manager





> When it comes to priorities, he keeps his eyes on the prize and sticks family (especially his four kids) right on top.


> The three youngest aren’t quite ready for outdoor adventure, so he soaks up quality time with his six-year old hunting and working cows (ask him about his 10 point).


> Bronco is: “Fun. Everyday is like a holiday.”